• AmalgamatedAmalgamationsCommunity and Cooperation. Strengthen the tribe; build bridges; find the word.
  • OutInUnderStories as a social media. Not the stories we’re fed but the stories we choose to share. Morphing into a history of the Outdoor Industry
  • Slingfin – the best Tents on the planet.
  • LittleUSA SolarSolar startup and Campus in Union Springs, Alabama¬†


  • Darwinian InterludeIdeas I’m working through salted with random blog posts.
  • @alantabor on Medium¬†– Ideas generally more fully formed…usually cross-posted on
  • bookTribal – part of a book, abandoned when it became no longer necessary.¬†

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If you subscribe to the General Writing option you will receive notification (and frequently the full text) of things I write. It will include some of my writing for AmalgamatedAmalgamations…specifically the ‘think pieces.’ (AA, on the other hand, includes a variety of things: how-to pointers, think pieces, reviews, resources, etc.)

The AmalgamatedAmalgamations Only option is a special case:

  1. It is writing focused on building your tribe and taking it global in a ‘big boat’ sort of way.
  2. It includes some writing by a few other folks that are, also, working on the site.
  3. There’s a variety of text including links to resources and pragmatic articles.

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